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AFMG SoundFlow - A new tool for the acoustic design of multi-layer structures

AFMG SoundFlow is a simulation software for calculating the absorption, reflection, and transmission of sound by multi-layer structures. The software enables the modeling of wall, floor and ceiling structures by specifying layer materials and thickness. Various calculation parameters can be defined and the graphic results display the frequency dependent absorption and reflection coefficients as well as the transmission loss, the complex input impedance and other acoustical measures.

The calculation engine of AFMG SoundFlow is an accurate implementation based on the theory of sound absorbers developed by Mechel, Bies and others. Various computational models are available including the calculation according to the ISO 12354 standard. All results can be exported as tables, graphics, complete reports and as EASE material files.

Software Development and Distribution

AFMG SoundFlow is a product of Ahnert Feistel Media Group. Located in Berlin, Germany, AFMG is a worldwide leader in software for the pro-audio industry and has created the industry standards EASE and EASERA software for acoustic simulation and measurement as well as their related products EASE Focus, AFMG SysTune, AFMG Reflex, EASE Address, and EASE SpeakerLab .  AFMG works closely with leading university faculties, manufacturers, and design clients to apply the latest developments in acoustical research and computer technology.  For more information, including the latest news and forum posts, visit http://afmg.eu.



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